Friday, September 17, 2004

[Excerpt] von Salomon, Die Geächteten

Excerpt from Ernst von Salomon's Die Geächteten (Güthersloh: Bertalsmann, 1929).

They were the Landsknechte – but were where the land which they served? They had recognized the greatest swindle of this peace, they did not want to take part in it. They did not want to participate in the wholesome order, which was praised to them in a slimy way. They had remained under arms according to an infallible instinct. [...] The sensed the word, yes, they even spoke it out loud and were ashamed of its washed-out sound; they turned it over, tested it in secret fear, and left it out of the interplay of manifold conversations, and yet it stood over them. The word stood wrapped in deep gloom, weather-beaten, beckoning, full of secrets, beaming magical powers, felt and yet not recognized, loved and not yet bidden to them. And the word was Germany.

Where was Germany? In Weimar? In Berlin? Once it had been on the front line, but the front fell apart. Then it was supposed to be at home, but home deceived. It was sung in song and speech, but the note was false. The spoke of fatherland and motherland, but even the niggers had that. Where was Germany? Was it in the people? But they cried for bread and voted for the fat-bellied ones. Was it in the state? But the state sought its form garrulously and found it in reunciation.

Germany burned darkly in daring brains. Germany was there where it was being fought for, it showed itself where armored hands reached out for its very existence, it beamed dazzingly where those possessed of its spirit dared the final sacrifice for the sake of Germany. Germany was on the border. The articles of the treaty of Versailles told us where Germany was.

p 48-49


Anonymous said...

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All those formerly esoteric, vaguely right-wing authors, the absurd mishmash label "Prussian bolshevik" -- the pompous disclaimer that no one will agree with you. On the contrary, there are scores, nay thousands of your kind, the neofolkite coward, the stuck-up net persona who can´t own up to his antipathies and so clothes them in trendy references and vain skirtings of National Socialism; plenty to agree with your pretentious ambiguities which, after all, you did not invent, but have adopted as though you are, in yourself, a traditionalist-neofolk-evolian-demagogue!

I call you rather a pussy, a fraud, a shallow trendy fuckwit, like the rest of them. Prussian? Pussy. Bolshevik? No; just too chloroformed by modernity to say NAZI.

Heil Hitler dir!

skinheadzmustdie said...

You're a h8er Mr. Anonymous!

How dare you decry this "Prussian Bolshevik". No matter that the Freikorps, the subject of this excerpt, were called into existence to crush Bolshevism! Let him have his little fantasy.