Monday, September 13, 2004

Swedish Military Tattoo

Until now there has been all metapolitics and no march music, or militaria, but since Swedish Military Tattoo was held the past week there will now, at last, be some march music.

Swedish Military Tattoo is held every other year with music corps from Sweden as well as abroad. Swedish military is more or less notorious for their lack of skill when it comes to marching, so it was intresting to see how they compared to the foreign corps. The answer is, fairly well. Obviously, music corps has more march training than ordinary troops as there usually are more important things to be done with the time in the military than doing marching drills. More important however is the general posture. The posture of a country's youth says a lot of the spiritual condition of the people as a whole.

The Finnish drill team made a good impression, and showed good posture. This illustrates well fateful loss of the eastern part of the realm 1809. To this day, Finland is, after all, still the most Prussian of the Nordic countries, quite naturally due to it's geopolitical position. Prussia is anti-west, this does not mean that it is eastern, Prussia is the synthesis of the west thesis and the east anti-thesis. "To all appearance the eastern and western influences has amongst the Prussians achieved such a balance that a system of command and obedience, of lustful obliging can function harmonious." (Ernst Jünger)

The case of Finland may be analogous. If we look back in time we find that some intellectual circles around the Lappo-movement asserted that the racial superiority of the Finns was due to the mixing of Germanic and Slavic. This indeed resembles Ernst Niekisch's description of the Prussian disposition: "Germanic subjectivism mitigated by Slavic-collectivistic atmosphere".

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