Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Manifesto of the Futurist Woman

Due to the layout of this page it is not very practical to publish longer texts. Luckily, some of the texts that should be published here are online elsewhere and can be linked. Valentine de Saint-Point's Manifesto of the Futurist Woman is one of them. Written over 90 years ago it is still one of the best (anti)feminist texts to this day.

The first four sentences of the manifesto establishes the most important thing when it comes to gender issues: "Humanity is mediocre. The majority of women are neither superior nor inferior to the majority of men. They are equal. Both deserve the same contempt." For Saint-Point it is clear that it is a question of gender, not sex: "It is absurd to divide humanity into women and men: it is composed entirely of femininity and masculinity."

When the mediocre nature of humanity has been established there is little reason to dwell upon what differences there may, or may not be, between men and women. Humanity, and along with it men and women, must be transcended.

Simply men is not enough, what is needed is a New "Man". "Man" for the lack of a better word as it will have less in common with the present man than the present man has with an amoeba. Since homo sapiens sapiens can't achieve the goals for which we strive, man as we know her must be destroyed and there is no reason for the New Man to have a sex. As the great F.T. Marinetti put it, "The sexual life should be reduced to only serve the continuance of the species". The New Man will not have to condescend itself to sex in order to reproduce, therefore the New Man will be sexless.

Saint-Point's description of the current situation is perhaps even more valid today then when it was written.
What is most lacking in women and men alike is masculinity.
To give back a certain masculinity to our peoples benumbed by femininity, they must be dragged to masculinity, even to brutality. But to all, men and women alike in their weakness, a new doctrine of energy must be taught, so that we may reach an epoch of superior humanity. Every woman must possess, besides the female virtues, male qualities: otherwise she is weak, womanish. And the man who has only male strength without intuition is nothing but a brute. But in the period of femininity we are living in, only exaggeration in the opposite direction can help.

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