Tuesday, August 24, 2004

[Review] Holland, The Political Soldier

Since first published in 1984 Derek Hollands The Political Soldier has had an immense influence on a number of nationalist groups. One can raise objections to Hollands description of the current situation and it should also be obvious that the goals of Holland differs from those of Spöknippet. The concept of the political soldier is however not tied to a certain ideology or movement.

The Political Soldier may be considered a meta-historical archetype, the superior man which by his life, and death, sets an example for his people. This man have throughout history revealed himself in various forms, fighting for various goals. The Spartans in ancient Greece, the Roman centurion and the medieval crusader, no matter if Christian or Moslem. In more recent days we have the Rumanian Iron Guard, the conspirators of 20 July 1944, the Bolshevik cadres of the Russian revolution and various forms of Islamic resistance fighters, in Iraq, Palestine and dozens of other places. (Of course many of the more or less secular groups in Iraq and Palestine are no less filled with Political Soldiers.)

As can be seen all of the above are warriors, military men. This does not mean that the military aspect necessarily is the most important, far from it. He who has dedicated his life to Kulturkampf is no less of a warrior then the soldier. To quote Holland:

The common denominator that allows all of these men to be put in the same category, despite their manifest differences, is the fact that they were inspired by a spiritual and religious ideal that totally dominated their lives. Nothing came between them and the Ideal. They were willing to sacrifice anything and everything for the victory of their Ideal.
In his preface to 1994 years edition Holland sums up the essential message of The Political Soldier:

that what is needed above all else is a fundamental shift in attitude towards struggle, towards life, towards destiny; that there cannot be, and will not be, any serious change in the overall direction taken by the countries of Europe until the New Man, like a giant on the horizon, capable of moulding and inspiring a New Social Order, arises and builds it not according to the clauses or sub-clauses of some abstract political manifesto, but according to the objectively true principles of a creed believed and acted upon, and drawing their life from the Eternal Law of God.

One can, as we do, in addition to afore mentioned issues, disagree with the last part. Spöknippet does not concern itself with "objective truth" nor God, but when it comes to the fundamental, the need for a New Man "who will act as a beacon and an inspiration", who by his very existence sets a shining example, there is no difference. The Political Soldier a booklet about the need for, and appearance of, cadres. But only cadres are not enough. The cadres must together form a single entity, a titanium organism, a pact of steel, a Generalstab for the struggle for the new Reich.

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