Sunday, January 01, 2006

Old year, new year, same Spöknippet

Almost a year and a half has passed since our first post. According to Statcounters not entirely reliable data Spöknippet had almost 5500 unique visitors this far. About one quarter of all visitors have not been from Sweden.

About half of the posts have been written by Spöknippet. Admittedly, a fair number of those have been rather short. If we are to commit self-criticism it must be said that Spöknippet has failed to produce syntheses.

In addition it must also be said that the excerpts has leaned a bit more to the “right” than first intended. Therefore the posts if treated statistically does not reflect Spöknippets standpoint. There is however a very simple explanation to this, the availability of socialist and communist original texts is far better than the availability of “fascist” original texts. When it comes to conservative revolution and third position the situation is even worse. He who on the other hand wishes to read Marx or Lenin need look no further than, Spöknippet has no rôle to play there.

Looking back over the past eighteen months our slogan “Metapolitics, march music and militaria” might be considered false marketing. In fact, only one post has dealt with march music (combined with metapolitics).

The next twelve months will probably look pretty much like those that have passed. So, to the disappointment of Spöknippets friends (and our more self hating enemies) we can only say that the frequency of posting is unlikely to increase. Those who are hoping for more than an average of two posts a month will probably be disappointed.

Other than that, Spöknippet will of course, as always, continue to act as a beacon of Preußentum and as a bulwark against modernity.

Finally it can be mentioned that the CIA graced us with a visit some time ago.


Anonymous said...

Jag vill se en postning om Paul Lincke, hans Berliner Luft är sååå upplyftande !

Becqon said...

Har gång på gång återvänt till spöknippet under året, länkar numer på
Tacksam över hur spöknippet just är en beacon, i fler avseenden än avsedda. Måtte spöknippet fortsätta sitt arbete 2007.