Sunday, May 29, 2005

Book chain-blog

Copyriot invited Spöknippet to participate in what might be called a "chain-blog" about books. Admittedly rather plebeian, this does provide some indication on what you can expect to read in the not to distant future here.

Total number of books owned?
At the moment, 400-500.

The last book I bought?
Julius Evola - Revolt against the moden world together with Thomas Hobbes - Leviathan.

The last book I read?
Carl Schmitt - Political Theology. Excerpts are on the way.

Five books that mean a lot to me? (AKA books I've read more than 3 times)

  • Johan Tralau - Människoskymming - Främlingsskap, frihet och Hegels problem hos Karl Marx och Ernst Jünger.
  • Carl-Göran Heidegren - Preussiska anarkister - Ernst Jünger och hans krets under Weimarrepublikens krisår.
  • Atos Wirtanen - Tekniken, Människan, Kulturen.
  • Carl von Clausewitz - Vom Krige.
  • The Bible.

Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their blog.

Update May 31, 2005

It seems like some kind of motivation for the books chosen would be in place.

Johan Tralau's Människoskymmning pretty much "saved" marxism. Tralau convincingly shows the similarities between Ernst Jünger and Karl Marx. "The young" Marx was in no way a humanist, quite the contrary.

• As for Dennis C-G Heidegren's Preussiska anarkister served as an important introduction to Ernst Jünger and people around him as well as to conservative revolution in general.

Atos Wirtanen's Tekniken, Människan, Kulturen introduced Oswald Spengler and in a way also Nietzsche many years ago. Wirtanen's combination of Marx and Darwin together with the near futuristic technological optimism of the Fifties was at the time very inspiring.

• When it comes to analysing conflicts in general and wars in particular there are few books that come close to Carl von Clausewitz' Vom Krige. A metapolitical classic.

• There is always something in the book of books. The Bible is not only an immense source of inspiration but also fundamental for understanding Europe as well as the west.

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